is your personal
A.I. health coach
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what IS AKILA?

Akila is your personalized health coach that will help you reverse pre-diabetes. 

Akila is interconnected intelligence powered by smart devices, wearables,
bio-sensors, electronic health records and cloud computing.

Artificial Intelligence

Akila uses A.I. to provide you with personalized cognitive coaching with real time insights and recommendations.

Personalized Attention

Akila is your personal trainer, nutritionist, nurse, counselor and a personal assistant rolled into one.

Reverse Pre-Diabetes

Akila will help you reverse pre-diabetes and set you on a path of healthy living and wellness for life.

our technology

artificial intelligence at your fingertips

what are we doing?

We are committed to deploying powerful AI
technologies that will improve the quality of life for users around the world struggling to stay healthy. 

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